The back-end web framework designed to make (Angular|Ember|Backbone)JS web apps easy to create and manage.

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Current Status (ver. 0.6.0): Despite being fully functional, synth is still in beta. It hasn't been fully tested in production and since it's in active development, implementation and interface details are likely to change.

Easy API Endpoints

Create your JS files and folders with the same structure as your API and export the functions that handle each resource's method. You no longer implement your handlers in one file and declare routes in another.

Back-End Services

Use services and dependency injection just like AngularJS but on the back-end! Specify what each API request handler requires, such as the currenlty logged in user, and voila, it's there!

Preload Data With Views

No more extra round-trip to the server with your JS apps. Automatically serve up the initial API response along with the HTML for nearly instant rendering.


Write your API request handlers (and services) using promises. Just return a promise and Synth will auto-convert them into JSON and respond to the browser.

Built-in Asset Pipeline

Use Jade, EJS, CoffeeScript, SASS, or plain old CSS/HTML/JS. Synth will take care of it all, including (minific|concatin)ation in production.

Simplified Project Layout

Synth projects have a clearly defined folder structure so you know which files are used by the back-end and which files are used by the browser.

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